A few weeks ago I shared my love for my new pool bag, the very trendy Fleurville Beach. (If you missed the review, read it here.)
So, now you have a chance to win one of your own! One lucky winner will soon be stylin’ at her own pool or beach with the Geo Black and White bag, just like me!
To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us the one item you can’t live without when you head to the pool or beach. Be sure you’ve linked your email so we can contact you when you win. This contest will run through August 4 at midnight. A winner will be selected at random after the contest ends, your answer isn’t a determining factor in winning, its just something to help us all prepare for our beach days!
Thanks to Generation Orange, for sponsoring the Fleurville Beach bag giveaway. If you’re not our lucky winner, or you need the bag right now, head over to Generation Orange for choice between the Geo Black/White and Ogo Pink fabrics.
Please make sure you include a valid e-mail address when you register your comment. You can’t win without one, ’cause we can’t contact you if you win. Winners will have 24 hours to reply to our e-mail before an alternate is chosen.


  1. One item I can not live without on the beach is BABY POWDER!!! It’s a miracle worker to get sand off of every part of your body! I know it doesn’t sound right but it’s the best thing I’ve ever taken on the beach!!!

  2. Sunblock of course 🙂

  3. I usually can’t live without my ice coffe at the pool 🙂
    Other great items that I bring….oversized towel, jjcole mat, kinesys sunscreen, and a paint brush…(the kids use brush and water to ‘paint’ the pool decking)

  4. I can’t go without a huge Beach Bag – 3 kids means lots of stuff to haul with to the pool or beach.

  5. The one item I can’t be without is sunscreen. I’m pasty, my DD is practically clear…we need our sunscreen!

  6. great giveaway. I’ve been eying this bag ever since you posted your review. I make sure we always have my kids’ goggles and our sunscreen. Boring but necessary.

  7. Sunscreen! We don’t go to the pool or beach without our trusty Baby Lizard suncream.

  8. What a gorgeous bag! I would love to be all stylee at the lake (we’re nowhere near the ocean, sadly) with this bag!

  9. Baby powder– gets the sand right off!

  10. suzi baldner says

    When I go to the beach I never leave without my Neutrogena cooling sunscreen and my wide-brimmed hat!!

  11. After living in Florida for a few years, I have learned that a bottle of suncreen is something you can’t live without at the beach!

  12. Well, the thing I cannot live without in my beach/pool bag is SUNSCREEN. Even tho I do not burn easily along with 2 of my kiddos, I have one whose skin color resembles a marshmallow and burns so quickly it is scary! We just got back from a week in Duck, NC and while I would have loved to have had THIS BAG for the trip, I absolutley had at least 6 different bottles/tubes/sprays of sunscreens, and that was ok!

  13. Michelle says

    This bag would be just perfect. My favorite thing to take to the beach is combos pretzel snacks. My mom would always back them when we’d go to the beach, now I can’t take my son without them in hand.

  14. Traci Isom says

    Spray-on sunscreen, it makes life easy for Mommy and son.

  15. It used to be a trashy romance novel, now it’s hats for the babies. (and sunscreen, and towels, lots of towels, and more sunscreen, and my husband wants to bring noise cancelling headphones…)

  16. Sunscreen, of course!!! And a magazine to read and my sunglasses with reading lenses, although those days are pretty much over since I had the baby!!

  17. I love my tiny Hawaiian Tropic 50+ Ozone Sunscreen Stick. So easy to put on wiggling toddlers’ noses, cheeks and ears, goes on clear, and it’s oil-free so I can use it, too!

  18. The one thing for me that’s a must is SUNSCREEN! I’m a lobster without it!

  19. hmmm, other than a beach bag? I must take sunscreen for the kids, towels, chairs, toys, buckets, shovels, drinks, snacks, change of clothes, swim diapers and a cart to lug it all!

  20. I can’t live with out our Alba kids SPF. It goes on smooth and easy!

  21. I can’t live without my sunscreen and a great juicy book!

  22. Beautiful bag. Perfect for pool dates.

  23. What a great looking bag!
    The one thing I can’t live without when we go to the beach….. BABY POWDER! When we get back to the car we sprinkle some on wherever we are still covered with sand. The powder absorbs the moisture & the sand just brushes off. It so wonderful especially for the toddlers who get their little bottoms full of sand, lol.
    My older kids even know this now & ask for the powder too.

  24. Meredith Wright says

    Such a cute bag! Julie – I have been on this site many times and never knew you were a part of it! I can’t live without Banana Boat Baby continuous spray sunscreen on the beach! It beats chasing your kids around trying to put lotion on them!

  25. Okay, I know it’s not the most interesting thing, but one should not go without sunscreen! (well, and water to drink too) neither of them incredibly interesting. ;P

  26. Baby Powder! Must have baby powder! It is the quickest way to get sand off of little hands, little feet and little bottoms!
    Would love a beautiful beach bag to pack it in. 🙂

  27. I must have sunscreen. We’re not the super pale types who burn after a matter of seconds, but we will burn without sunscreen and oh boy do I not want to deal with that (the pain and the whining from the kids AND me). 🙂

  28. What do I need? More like what DON’T I need. It used to be a book. Now, it’s sunscreen, sippy cup, snack, and wipes and dipes!

  29. evangeline kwon says

    the one item i can’t live without is a sunblock that sprays. it’s a lot easier to apply than other kinds.

  30. sunglasses

  31. Beautiful bag!

  32. Sunscreen! My family and I are very pale people!

  33. Nancy Adamopoulos says

    My tuffo blanket!

  34. Katy Reitman says

    I love that bag!
    My favorite thing for the beach is frozen grapes. They help keep the things in my cooler cold and they are a great tasting, healthy, frosty, treat for a warm day at the beach!

  35. Nelsy Mele says

    Beautiful bag. This would be perfect for our pool outings.

  36. Mine is CHAPSTICK with sunscreen in it! My favorite is Softlips. If I’m ever at the beach or pool without it, my lips start feeling so cracked and dry and I HATE that feeling!

  37. Michelle I says

    This season I’m loving Kids Lizard 30+ SPF sunscreen. It has no fragrance, immediate protection and rubs in fairly easily. It also has a cool cap that turns blue in the sun.

  38. Bringing a baby to the beach? You definitely need an inflatable kiddie pool. It helped keep our 8 month old happy, content, and cool. It also kept her corralled so that we managed to leave some sand on the beach for everyone else.

  39. I can’t head to the beach without my sunglasses 🙂

  40. Tracy Boswell says

    I cannot live without my husband… who carries all of the toys from the house to the beach and helps shower the sand off of the kids at the end of the day! Okay, maybe I should offer a better answer… I cannot live without my Eliza B. flip flops! I get a new pair each summer. They are great for the beach, comfortable enough for walking the boardwalk, and nice enough to wear with a sundress or capris for dinner “out”.

  41. I can’t head to the beach without my sunglasses 🙂

  42. benz@kc.rr.com
    Can’t live without our Target spray sunscreen and sunscreen stick for nose, lips and face!

  43. I have a beach towel from Marimekko in the Unikko pattern that I absolutely love and is my must have for pool and beach season!

  44. Holly S. says

    We never forget our swim goggles!

  45. One thing I can’t live without on my trips to the beach is….
    doggie treats!
    Silly I know, but what with having kids to run after and everyone to please, I don’t want to forget about our four legger or the easiest way to get him to listen, wave a treat in his face. Ah, only if the children and the hubby were that easy!

  46. With kids running around in the hot sun, snacks and drinks are a necessity at the beach!

  47. Marnee Medress says

    The one item I cannot live without at the beach is a big stylish floppy hat. Easy to pack and is a must have for keeping the sun off my face and sholders.
    Marnee Medress

  48. Christina says

    I cant go to the beach w/o my burts Bees lip balm. I get chapped lips after sun expoure and this keeps them nice and soft

  49. I’ve only used it once at the beach so far, but the Tuffo Throw-About Blanket is great for outdoors!

  50. I can’t live without the kids SPF swim shirts/suits. They are so great. Even my husband wants one! And it’s nice to know they aren’t going to have freckles all over their back like me.

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