A few weeks ago I shared my love for my new pool bag, the very trendy Fleurville Beach. (If you missed the review, read it here.)
So, now you have a chance to win one of your own! One lucky winner will soon be stylin’ at her own pool or beach with the Geo Black and White bag, just like me!
To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us the one item you can’t live without when you head to the pool or beach. Be sure you’ve linked your email so we can contact you when you win. This contest will run through August 4 at midnight. A winner will be selected at random after the contest ends, your answer isn’t a determining factor in winning, its just something to help us all prepare for our beach days!
Thanks to Generation Orange, for sponsoring the Fleurville Beach bag giveaway. If you’re not our lucky winner, or you need the bag right now, head over to Generation Orange for choice between the Geo Black/White and Ogo Pink fabrics.
Please make sure you include a valid e-mail address when you register your comment. You can’t win without one, ’cause we can’t contact you if you win. Winners will have 24 hours to reply to our e-mail before an alternate is chosen.


  1. Baby powder! Can’t go to the beach with out it. Once we get back to the car or the walkway, we use a little on our feet (and kids feet & everywhere) to dry feet and get all the sand off. Everyone is SO much more comfortable with out gritty sand stuck all over them!

  2. Baby powder! Takes off sand like nothing else. I need me a new beach bag!

  3. Kimberly Franzen says

    The one item I make sure is always in my beach bag is my Ipod.

  4. Such a pretty beach bag! I’m a big fan of totes for carrying all the kiddy gear.

  5. My Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil!!!! 😉
    And 50spf sunblock for my little ones of course!!

  6. hats for the kids! Nothing worse than a sunburned part, and we can never get sunscreen covering it best!
    I also love a BIG beach bag – nothing worse than hauling lots of bags.
    Oh, and our water bottles…

  7. of course the sunscreen and hats are needed but the big hit last weekend was a set of flag football flags – we had 10 4-year-old girls running around playing “catch a tiger by the tail!” So much fun!

  8. There are two things I never go to the beach without (for my two year old) 1. A small baby pool to fill with water so she has a place close by to cool off (since she is still afraid of the water, plus it is good for nonwalking babies). The second item is my travel pack of toddler utensils. It never leaves my travel/beach bag since my little one loves her fruit and yogurt.

  9. snacks!

  10. Michelle says

    Baby Powder! I don’t like sand sticking to me, so I bring baby powder, sprinkle some on and the sand comes right off!

  11. Lip Balm with SPF 25. Can’t forget to protect the lips!

  12. We can’t head to the beach without Nature’s Gate sunscreen for DS.

  13. spray on sunscreen! it’s fast and easy.

  14. We can’t live without our bunny hooded towel and California Baby sunscreen.

  15. Anne-Marie says

    Gotta have my Colorescience Sunfabulous POWDER Sunblock!

  16. Buckets and shovels! Hours of entertainment for my daughter.

  17. KINeSYS brand sunscreen–it’s the best and a must have for playing in the sun!

  18. Kenan House says

    Sunscreen is #1 but Baby powder is great for getting the sand right off the kiddos! Love the beach bag! Had one last year in the Orange but LOVE this new print!!!

  19. We cant live without our sunscreen!!! Very important to have here in the AZ desert. 🙂

  20. The one thing I cant live without on the beach (other than my sunglasses) is Aveno spray sunblock!!!

  21. Christina says

    Sunscreen and stylish sunglasses!

  22. I can’t go to the beach without my sunglasses, hat and sunblock.

  23. It has to be sunscreen… but the little shovel for the beach is a close second…

  24. I know it’s boring but we can’t live without sunscreen and baby powder for getting the sand off.

  25. I never leave home without sunscreen for my hubby (that Irish skin burns the minute it sees sun) and baby too (she may have inherited half his Irish skin after all)!

  26. Sunscreen, of course!!!!

  27. Lori Punko says

    Sunscreen and sunglasses, and pool toys of course!

  28. Kim Bolyn says

    I Have to have my Pottery Barn Kids cooler with me when I go to the beach! It fits a ton, holds up great and the kids can get in and out of it throughout the day by themselves.

  29. I always have sunscreen and rash guard shirts for my boys. 🙂



  31. I can’t live without my Softlips! I don’t know why, but if my lips are dry, I am SO crabby!!

  32. Baby beach tent with SPF 50…my pasty 5 month old can’t wear sunscreen yet, so the tent is a MUST!

  33. Yes, I do bring my sunscreens, etc., but I love to bring my hand crank radio. 90 seconds of cranking and I’m relaxing to the local tunes. Nothing like being on a beach in Hawaii listening to Hawaiian music!

  34. Krista Byrd says

    Have to have sunscreen and hats for the entire family!

  35. I can’t go to the beach or pool without a good book to read. If my son is with my husband or someone else its my time to read or if my son is taking a nap on the lounge chair next to me – its my time to chillax!

  36. This summer I can’t go to the beach without the stick sunscreen for kids faces. It is so much better than trying to rub in the lotion on their faces. I also bring a book but I am not kidding anyone…I wouldn’t notice if I didn’t have it with me. I am having too much fun playing in the sand…..

  37. I can’t live without Jason’s chemical free sunscreens. I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals on my kids skin. I also love Horizon organic milk juice boxes because they don’t have to be refrigerated. We just toss them in the bag when we’re out and they won’t spoil in the heat.

  38. Love the Kiddie Kabana II – it has SPF so no worries about putting the baby in there while she’s sleeping and my 4 year old loves to get in there too and get out of the sun for a bit.

  39. A hat – must have a hat these days on the beach to protect the skin and limit sun exposure

  40. I can’t go to the beach without my sunscreen.

  41. I can’t go to the beach without my VB beach hat and sunscreen! I love the black/white bag hope I win 🙂

  42. Kids are starved after waterplay so always need to have Dino bites ready!

  43. Snacks including a large ice cold bottle of water. Oh and sunscreen of course!

  44. Just like anywhere else I go – must have my cell phone. Okay, and some Neutrogena spray-on sunscreen (it’s cooling, and Florida is hot!).

  45. Sunscreen, baby powder, refreshments, towels, a beach umbrella, wipes, a change of clothes and of course a husband!

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