essential breastfeeding log Here’s something that every pregnant mommy who is even slightly considering breastfeeding should put on her wishlist… or just buy. The Essential Breastfeeding Log will become a nervous breast-feeder’s best friend. Or a seasoned one’s hero.

The spiral bound book, by Sarah Bowen Shea and Suzanne Schlosberg, begins with nearly 30 pages of easy-to-follow tips and calmers. The first 30ish pages offer honest support for breastfeeding including, my favorite: “Remember: Just because it’s natural doesn’t necessarily mean its easy” which is something I so wish I had had a friend tell me my first time (it does, however, get easier, and the paragraphs that follow this tip explain.)

Following the tips, strategies and advice, are nearly 200 invaluable log pages. Laid out in a weekly format, the log, which slips easily into your diaper bag, provides an organized layout for you to record your feeding info. Something many new-moms don’t realize is that its important to track your feedings to make certain baby is drinking, wetting, pooping as it should be. The log provides places to record all of this. (And, I might mention, you’ll win major brownie points when you bring it to baby’s ped-check-ups. The doc  will love you for your organization and easy answering.) Throughout the log you’ll find tips and tidbits about breastfeeding.

So, the log takes you through 26 weeks, roughly 6 months. Following baby’s half birthday you don’t have to record as often because baby should be a fairly regular feeder at this point, and you’ll have a better feel for her schedule and needs. That doesn’t mean stop feeding, and it doesn’t mean stop logging if you don’t want to. But following the 26 weeks of log-pages, there’s a reference guide providing information about weaning, distractions and introducing solids, as well as a listing of outside resources and a place to record doctors visits.

Like I said, invaluable. Recommended for  the soon-to-be-mom who doesn’t yet recognize the value, and for soon-to-be-“seasoned”-mom, who does (and might realize the value even more when she remembers that she’s also juggling preschool, t-ball, arts and crafts and field trip schedules. I don’t think that’s just me, right?)

Available at Amazon and currently listed at 25% off.


  1. this looks great – wish I had had something like this when I BF!

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