My first thought when I saw Euro Baby’s Red Castle Sport, I thought it looked like a complicated version of the Baby Bjorn: lots of straps, similar design to a Bjorn with the front carrier styling. And I’ll be honest, I was intimidated. But once I read the directions and got the hang of it, I really got excited by this carrier.
The reason it has so many straps and additional features is that it’s adjustable and has so many functions – so nice in a carrier as it’ll grow with baby. For starters, you can wear it in several different positions – including in the front like a Bjorn, slightly to the side, or off to the side of the hip for heavier children. And you can adjust it all while baby’s strapped in. So you’re basically getting several carriers in one.
The straps are heavily padded – I felt no strain on my back or my shoulders as the straps that hit these areas of your body are nice and thick. And there’s a supportive headrest that’s detatchable.
You can buy it online at Amazon, it retails for $119.99 and ships for free. They don’t have a picture of it on their site though, so check out all the product details and pictures on the Euro Baby site and then purchase on Amazon. (You currently can not purchase on Euro Baby’s site)
After purchase, log onto and register your purchase – mention seeing the review on Mommies with Style and you will then receive a free gift!
Note, for those of you who have been recently amused by sling and carrier testing abilities – I did NOT test this one out with my 35-pound almost-3 year old as there was just no way it was happening. Although I was able to test it with my third trimester pregnancy belly and a younger, more appropriate aged baby (as well as having his flatter-stomached mother trying it on). The Red Castle Carrier supports up to 30 pounds.


  1. Sounds nice! I always prefer to use bjorn carriers..will try this too!

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