Yup. I’m talking-to you – those readers who don’t do anything with digital photo storage. I’m going to just presume that’s most of you because I don’t really know anyone who does do something and organize their digital photos. If you are one of those few, kudos to you!

The rest of us take awesome cell phone photos, share and text with friends all day long and then…. do nothing. Other than a reminder every couple of years from Facebook about a cool photo you once shared, they go into the abyss that is your iCloud storage or a folder on your desktop never-to-be-opened again.

Meet Ever – your answer to comprehensive photo storage. It’s an organization service and app that automatically and securely collects and organizes all of your photos and videos. From everywhere they live. That’s right – from your iPhone, your Facebook, your Instagram, texts to friends when you click a funny photo and text it off to them (or them to you!) and more. They get all the hidden photos and videos – the ones you forget about – and organize them all into one place.


As if that’s not awesome enough, they then take those memories and put them together in stories that you can customize and share with friends.

Ever will remind you of throwback photos, create flip books and create slideshows.

Here’s a real life event I thought was cool that Ever organized for me – my trip to Hawaii over the summer. I took hundreds of photos. On my phone, my digital camera, on Instagram and texts I shared back and forth with my girlfriend who was there with her family too. Ever’s app knows I was in Hawaii – so it was able to pull all of my photos together.



The Flip books are really fun – these are created out of a series of similar shots (when you do a burst) and they seriously do look like a flip book.

Also, you’ve got unlimited storage of photos and you can share specific albums with friends!



So Ever is available for both iPhones and Android devices. Ever will always backup unlimited high-resolution photos for free. For $9.99/month you can get Ever Plus – which backs up photos AND videos in full res, plus you get access to Ever for Desktop to organize across all the devices in an easier fashion. You also get a free Ever book and discounts on all printed products.

You can also get Ever Plus with their referral program to free by referring enough friends.

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