seat.jpgHow neat is this? A portable high chair that can literally fold up to the size of a diaper and that fits perfectly into your diaper bag. Yes, you read this correctly! It will become your new diaper bag accessory.
My Little Seat is a compact fabric travel baby high chair, that folds up and stores in its own matching travel bag. It has 4 ties and 2 harness straps to help secure even the most active tot! You simply fold over a chair and fasten your baby in. It may look complicated at first, but it was super easy and took seconds to connect. The seat is for babies who can sit up unassisted (usually around 6+ months) to 30 months and it can hold a maximum of 35 pounds. It can also be used for older toddlers who need a little more security when sitting in a chair. It’s washable which makes it easy to clean – try that with your regular high chair! With My Little Seat your tot can sit at the table just like everyone else!
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