Not that you want to think about it, but sh*t (and car accidents) do happen. And it’s always in those emotionally charged moments that you don’t have what you need – or you panic and forget something crucial.
I know. I was in a fender bender when I was 38 weeks pregnant in my last pregnancy (with one child sitting in the car) and you guys can only imagine the anxiety I was feeling. It was a wonder I didn’t pop the baby out right there in the parking lot, I was so frazzled.
And It was only because hubby walked me through everything that had to be done via cell phone that I exchanged the right information and remembered to take pictures (on my cell).
Having been there, done that, my interest was peaked when Julie showed me this product by Buttoned Up. Called the Collision Kit, it’s a tiny zip up compartment Kit for your car that includes everything you’d need at the scene of an accident.
This includes:

  • A flash, disposable camera for recording pictures of the vehicles
  • pre-printed cards with information and fill-in pages for vital informations for all parties involved
  • an envelope for your registration and insurance info
  • A pen and a clipboard

The whole thing is not much bigger than a wallet – fitting nicely into your glove compartment. Check it out at Precious Personalities and use coupon code MWS15 for 15% off your order of that or anything else on the site.

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