20111026-115848.jpg Sometimes I’m just an idiot. The things we do for fashion and trends.

I got this cute pair of clogs last season. I love them. Aren’t they adorable? Every time I wear them, someone compliments me on them and I love the brown – it just goes with anything.

But they are a total walking hazard. Worse than my highest pair of heels. While they don’t hurt, they don’t have enough of a heel so I’m constantly stepping wrong – tripping and catching myself in them. Every time I wear them, I say to myself that I need to get rid of them. But then I don’t.

So yesterday when I was in a hurry to get Nate to the bus, I slipped them on. We opened the front door and the alarm started beeping as I had forgotten to turn it off. I went running, made it as far as the hallway with the alarm box… and fell flat on my ass thanks to my oh-so-stylish clogs. I ended up completely hurting the top of my foot and have been limping around since. ¬†(If you’re local and saw me limping into school today, you now know why!)

Time to throw them out, right?  Anyone else with me on being totally stupid in the name of cute shoes?

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