I [heart] baby carrying. Especially with another child, or two, in tow. I laugh as I say this, though, because 6 years ago I thought people who wore babies were strange. I’ll never forget working while pregnant at PBK and seeing a new mom wearing her newborn. All the employees exchanged looks: Another nutso mom just wandered in from the food court.
How things change. I suppose this vision is so prevalent in my mind because of the guilt. By the time my second came around there was no way I was going to carry the car seat carrier AND chase my 2 year old. So babywearing became a necessity. Heh. Isn’t it ironic? That was just around the time it started to become trendy.
I loved my Mei Tai most of all when #2 was a baby and toddler. And a pouch sling was great when he was a newborn. But for all the slings I tried and experienced, I was terrified of a ring sling. The ring intimidated me–far too much work to adjust and readjust each time. As beautiful as they are, and as much as I heard they’re safe from slippage, I still never tried one on.
So this time around, I’m looking to overcome my “fear” of a ring sling. In fact, I have a beeee-U-tee-ful ring sling from Sweetsation Therapy that I just can’t wait to use. Some may say I’m cheating. If this is cheating, I’m all for it.
The Clip n Sleep Ring Sling is a real ring sling, in that you have to adjust the sling to the right size on your own (its one size fits all) and there will be a tail of gorgeous Dupioni Silk. But here’s what makes this one so much more desirable: There’s a one handed clip to use for attaching every time after your initial ring-sling set up. The clip allows you to one-handedly attach and detach baby from your body, rather than having to lift out, and rather than having to slip the cloth through the ring and readjust for sizing each time. Seriously, this is one of those brilliant “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.
Of course, baby isn’t here yet (which leaves me with arguing thoughts of “thank goodness” and ‘ugh… 13 more weeks! grrr”), but I have tried the sling with a doll and it is really simple to use the sling. Just like with all forms of babywearing, it takes some getting used to and practice (so get a doll if you don’t have a baby to play around with and practice in the mirror.) But once you’re comfortable with the adjustment, you’ll see just how simple it will be to carry this Clip n Sleep sling. I also feel a lot better about the slippage fear. Silk slings are said to be VERY safe as the fabric of silk, being a naturally inconsistent texture, keeps it from slipping and moving from adjusted placement. And the Dupioni Silk is a double silk, made of 2 silkworms mixing their weaves together.
Clip n Sleep Ring Slings, by-the-way, got their name as they were created to help a sleeping baby easily transfer from being worn to laying in the crib. And if you’ve ever carried a baby, you know this is smart. Get one personalized, or select from more than 15 unique and gorgeous color combinations.
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