So I took part in this cool challenge with Downy – testing out the Downy Difference when doing my laundry.  I was already a huge fan of Downy Unstopables which add an amazing smell to your fresh laundry that I’m always grateful for. (I especially love it with my workout clothes.  Nothing better than putting on a sports bra that you know is going to get sweaty and gross but it’s fresh and smells great at the start of your day!)

I was given a t-shirt and I documented the whole process in this video for you guys.  Check it out.  I had never in my life used fabric softener before – true story!  This was my first time testing out Downy Liquid Fabric Softener with SilkTouch:

You can check out the P&G coupon page to see if there any discounts on any of these products.  Check them out and let me know what you think for yourself!

Downy offers a range of fabric softeners and in-wash scent boosters that can help you discover the Downy Difference. The products you can get to help you with your laundry include: Ultra Downy with SilkTouch™, Downy Infusions and Downy Unstopables. Use the Unstopables combined with the fabric softener and keep your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft for up to twelve weeks out of storage!

Giveaway:   One lucky Mommies with Style reader can Win a Downy Difference Kit! It includes Ultra Downy with SilkTouch, Downy Unstopables, a tee and a $50 gift card that they can use to buy more clothes to transform with Downy.

Just leave a comment and tell me about your laundry strategies – do you use fabric softener?  Have you used Downy?  What do you think?

I will pick one winner after Thursday, June 27th.

Disclaimer:  This has been a sponsored post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. Jennifer says

    I haven’t had good luck with fabric softener, but maybe I’ll have to try it again.

  2. I’ve never used Downy, but I have used fabric softener sheets. I usually just wash everything on cold and air dry as much as I can.

  3. Srsly you don’t use fabric softener? How do you avoid static?? LOL!

  4. I always skip fabric softener, but it really does make a difference!

  5. I only use laundry detergent. *Sometimes* I’ll put in some bleach with whites. I try to keep it simple but you have piqued my interest about this Unstopables and fabric softener… I may have to try some.

  6. We use Bounce sometimes, but not always!

  7. I don’t use fabric softener very much either so no shock from me. I have used the crystals and loved the sample of un-stoppables I received when they first came out. Great giveaway and post.

  8. I actually have never used liquid fabric softener, just dryer sheets. Every time I think of fabric softener I think of that old commercial with the lady running up and down the stairs.. lol.

  9. I haven’t used Fabric softener in awhile and haven’t tried Downy. This is a great giveaway…Thanks!!

  10. The one time I used fabric softener was when someone (no names mentioned 🙂 in our house bought that instead of actual laundry detergent. I did end up using it and I liked it. I just never remember to buy it when I am at the store. Thanks for the info!!

  11. I personally never buy fabric softener. My husband buys it all the time and when he actually DOES the laundry…. he he… he goes around making everyone rub their faces all over the blankets, towels and says, “Do you know why it’s so soft!? I’ll tell you why it’s so soft..” EVERY time….

  12. I LOVE the smell of Downy. I only use it on my sheets and towels. My daughter is allergic to most fabric softeners and I’m too lazy (mom of 3 excuse) to separate mine out of it all. But, it’s such a treat to use it on our sheets! I get so happy going to bed on clean sheets 🙂

  13. D SCHMIDT says

    I do use fabric softener and have tried Downy many times, it makes my families clothes lovely and soft!

  14. Jessie C. says

    I sometimes use fabric softener, it makes clothes fresh and soft.

  15. I use fabric softener (Bounce) in every load to get a consistent good scent. I’d love to try the Downy though.

  16. Catherine S. says

    I use dryer sheets but no separate fabric softener…I do love the Downy Unstoppables though!

  17. Elizabeth P. says

    I use the sheets when I remember to put them in. Haven’t used Downy before.

  18. I do not use the liquid fabric softener, but I do use the dryer sheets. I have used Downy sheets in the past. I absolutely love the Downy Unstoppables – they makes my clothes smell amazing!

  19. J.E Toppert says

    I’m pretty new to the whole laundry business. My strategy is to just throw everything in the washer and dryer, cross my fingers and hope that it all comes out clean. I do use fabric sheets, sometimes Downy. I haven’t purchased the Unstoppables yet, but I have smelled them and it’s wonderful!

  20. Wild Orchid says

    I have been using purex detergent with a bit of oxiclean. I haven’t used downy in a long long time, but I do like it!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  21. Karla Sceviour says

    no,I dont usually use fabric softener,,but LOVE the Downy Unstopables..they smell so good!!

  22. Amy Orvin says

    I do use fabric softner. Without it, my laundry is hard and crunchy. I love Downy! It smells great and leaves my clothes, blankets and towels soft. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s awesome!!

  23. Debbie Welchert says

    I only use fabric softener when I can afford it and that’s the cheapest kind I can find.

  24. I’m so lazy when it comes to fabric softener. I really need to work it into my laundry routine!

  25. Sometimes I use the Downy fabric softener sheets, right now I have Bounce

  26. I do usually use a fabric softener, I like Downy, but I don’t always buy it, sometimes I’ll use another brand if it’s on sale. I love the Unstoppables in my wash – it smells so good!

  27. We’ve never used anything other than Downy fabric softener, even when our kids were babies and people recommended “special” products for their clothing. We’ll never switch!

  28. I don’t usually use fabric softener, but it makes a difference when I do!

  29. i’ve never used fabric softener

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