Last month, I shared a post with you guys on Finding the Right Pair of Sunglasses.  The post was in honor of a new ambassador program and relationship I have with VSP Vision Care.  I’m really enjoying working with them.

They already happened to be my eye care provider, but there was a ton I didn’t know about them, like the fact that they are the largest non-profit eye care benefits organization in the US.  Besides providing us all with awesome vision care, they do a ton to give back to the community as well.

Check out VSP on Faceook and on Twitter to learn more.

Today, I’m talking about eye protection on Halloween.  Not two things you’d really think about together normally, right?  In actuality, Halloween can be a very dangerous time for eye health.  Costume lenses, cheap eye make up and other random costume parts can pose a real threat to your eye.

Here are some great tips on 10 Ways to Protect Your Eyes on Halloween .  Visit for additional information:

1. Beware of decorative or costume lenses.
Personally I can’t imagine ever using a decorative lens – talk about a total disaster possibility!!  In fact, from VSP, “Decorative lenses might include cheap plastic materials or toxic dyes. Also, individuals unfamiliar with wearing contacts may not
insert or remove them correctly. You could scratch your cornea, have an allergic reaction, get an eye infection, or even go blind.”

2. Don’t use non-FDA approved makeup.
I actually bought “black” lipstick last year for myself.  It was the cheapest, grossest stuff.  I get this one!  That Halloween costume makeup isn’t always FDA approved and you could end up with a rash on your face or near your eyes and I’m sure I don’t have to talk about why that’s a problem.  If you need a specific color, almost every major makeup company now makes all sorts of colors!  Hit up your local drugstore and go with a name brand you trust and know is tested.
3. Don’t sleep in your makeup.
From VSP, “Remove all of your makeup before you go to bed to prevent skin irritation by following the directions explicitly stated on your makeup product.”

4. Don’t apply makeup near your eyes.

5. Don’t dye eyebrows or eyelashes.
From VSP, “the FDA has never approved using hair dye on eyebrows and eyelashes. This can cause an allergic reaction, such as irritation, or swelling around the eye area, or even blindness.”

6. Apply false eyelashes cautiously.

7. Don’t include sharp props with your child’s costume.
Seems like a no-brainer but I’m sure someone, somewhere nears to hear this one.
8. Don’t wear costumes that are too long.
Properly fitted costumes can help ensure you don’t trip and fall while out trick-or-treating!
9. Don’t wear masks or large hats that block your vision.
From VSP, “You must be able to see at all times to watch out for cars, other people, or Halloween-themed house decorations on the ground.”

10. Don’t let small children carve pumpkins.
Again, seems obvious but you never know!  Small children like to poke – poked out eyeballs do not make for a fun Halloween!
Disclaimer: I am being paid as a part of this ambassador program but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. All great safety precautions and always good reminders for everyone. thanks MWS!

  2. These tips are truly helpful to keep our eyes protected from harmful chemicals. We have give more attention about caring our eyes to avoid them from damaging or worse might cause to blindness.

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