livie.jpg A few weeks ago I was at a friend’s baby shower, when I noticed a little girl running around in a pair of orange mary janes with a soft, natural colored rubber sole. I was distraught. They were utterly adorable, and I did not recognize them. I felt truly off my game. Remiss in my duties.
So I chased that little pigtailed cutie down, tackled her and wrestled her shoes off her wriggly litte feet in order to get a better look. Ok Ok, call off child protective services. I’m not that bad. I made her mom do it.
Thus began my love affair with Livie and Luca. If you haven’t found a toddler in your area, to pin to the ground in the hopes of getting a better look at these cute shoes, then head over to the Livie and Luca site and have a looksee. You will find orginal and cute designs like Veggie boots and Elephants (my son’s favorite beast) stitched up in fine European leather. And the price is refreshing as well – more like shoes and less like an airline ticket to Italy.
Livie and Luca shoes are super soft, lightweight and flexible, while still offering the excellent traction and foot protection of a rubber sole. They are a perfect step up from booties for adventurous new walkers. And I appreciate the fact that the soles are natural colored, unlike many other kids shoes in this soft and flexible class. It’s nice to have that fashion option. And most importantly, my very, very, picky shoe shunning son was happy to hit the road in his new elephant shoes. Victory is mine!
Check out the Red Butterfly shoes for girls and the Soccer shoes for little boys. Mommies with Style save an additional 10% when you enter mws as you order. Goal!

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