Okay guys, this app is AWESOME.  I saw Lindsay posting about this on Facebook and knew I had to download it.  Called Stack the States, you have to answer various trivia questions with a multiple choice answer of 4 possibilities.

Kids learn about state capitols, state geography and so much more.  (Which state houses which National Park and so forth.)

Nate (8) played this pretty much all day yesterday as he was in bed with a bad cold.  You play to “earn” states and he’s earned 45 of his 50 states and I can’t tell you guys how much he’s learned in just one day.  He can identify almost all of the states by shape alone, knows many of the capitals now and knows which states border one another.

Oh and you have to “stack” your states which can get pretty precarious!  If your stack topples over you are starting over, so it’s not only educational but fun. (Because that’s the best type, right?  The ones where my kids learn and they don’t even realize they are doing it…)

You can get a Lite (Free) version too but we only tried the paid version – get Stack the States for $.99 for the iPhone and $1.99 for the iPad on the iTunes store.


  1. What a cool idea. I wonder if I can find something similar for my Canadian kids. And if you like online learning tools, I write for a game company called Cackleberries. It’s an internet safe, educational site for kids 3 – 7. You can try for free and email me if you have any feedback. Go to http://www.cackleberries.com.


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