Two separate people last week asked me for an update on my IPL facial laser disaster from last April. You can click to read, but if you missed it, I basically went for a laser treatment on my face in the spring and it did not go well. It’s called an IPL and I was looking to get rid of some age spots and tone down some of my freckles. I had never done one before but had seem some friends do them with success.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.04.46 AM

Left side photo taken in May, one month after the procedure; Right side photo taken 9/18/17 – 5 months after the procedure & 4 skin peels later

I had a very bad result and ended up with stripes on my face that literally caused random strangers in the grocery store to engage me in conversation and ask what was wrong with my face. (WHO DOES THAT?!)

I’ve spent a summer staying out the sun as much as I can, and having 4 skin peels on my face with my dermatologist. I would say that I’m 80% improved at this point. I spent about a $1000 on facial chemical peels so it certainly wasn’t an easy solution but it is what it is. I’m also happy to report that my dermatologist used a laser called a GentleEASE to get rid of the age spots that were what started this whole process in the first place! They popped right off with no bad results at all, reaffirming that I should/need to be with a dermatologist if I’m going to mess with my skin or face in any way.

So is it still noticeable? If I don’t have make-up on, yes. I still have stripes on my face that are missing pigment and are obvious given that other parts of my face have freckles. But it’s very muted and I don’t think most people notice it. And a little cover-up does go a long way!

Here’s some photos I snapped yesterday. I have a tiny bit of make-up on so it’s a little covered but this is basically how my cheeks look now:


This photo above is of the “bad side,” aka the side that had the more noticeable stripes. Yah, you can still see it. But random strangers don’t really notice I think. (At least that’s what I tell myself.)



This is my left cheek, the one which by the way had huge age spots on it that are gone thanks to my dermatologist! This cheek had striping as well but it’s pretty much gone.

My fall plan is to use some Rodan & Fields Reverse, a line of skin care which will help to lighten my skin and hopefully fade some more of my pigmentation and minimizing the damage that much more. We’ll see.


If you look at me face on, I don’t think it’s *that* obvious anymore. And I feel good that time will continue to heal me, along with some help from the dermatologist and some good skincare products.

So that’s my update! Getting old isn’t for sissies but screwing up your face with a bad laser treatment is for idiots. Let my stupid self be a lesson to all you out there – research what you are doing before you do it! Especially if it involves your face and a laser.


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us and being so candid about the laser treatment and peels. I definitely need to see a dermatologist to help with some skin issues.

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  3. Ive had three rounds of IPL and have one more scheduled. I have heavy pigmentation and sun damage similar to yours. This last treatment I noticed some striping. Im not worried since I will have her even it out at the next appointment. With as much pigment as you have, one treatment is not enough to be a good judge of IPL…

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