This is one of my Dadís favorite sayings. By the time I was in high school, I would cringe whenever I heard it, but the further I travel down lifeís path, the more I understand itís truth. And at what other time in life is there more to plan for than when youíre pregnant?
Braelyn Bounty Bug has come up with a fabulous must-have for expectant mommies, whose heads are spinning with too many details, like OBGYN appt. dates, deciding what to pack for the hospital and finding the phone numbers of who to call after the baby arrives.
The Prego Planner is not only the perfect place to store all of this information, it actually holds your hand through each step, offering wonderful guidance on what to ask a prospective pediatrician and which items to pack for your newborn baby. (Not to mention well thought out pages to write questions for your doctor, a log of baby gifts received, space for birthing class notes and your intended birth plan. Need I go on?)
To get your very own Prego Planner visit the Braelyn Bounty Bug website. This will also be a great gift to have on hand for when your sister or best friend finally shares the news that sheís expecting. Follow Dadís advice: Donít leave home without youíre plan, or your Prego Planner!

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