I often get sucked into the world of all things Disney. Thatís what happens when you have a 4-year-old daughter who aspires to be a ballerina-doctor-princess. Between scratching my head trying to figure out how sheíll swing that as her college major and waiting for the preschool vocational tests to come in the mail, Iíve resolved myself to entertain her 4-year-old dream. After all, it was the very dream I, myself had as a kid.
But herein lies the difficulty: how do I teach my daughter to be a princess but still be an assertive young woman? Though you may laugh, Iím thinking a little Cinderella III might help me out here. Itís the perfect tool to teach her she doesnít need magic to make her dreams come trueósome grit and self-reliance will do just fine. Oh and letís not stop there. Other things like the power of honesty, friendship and of being true to yourself are all cleverly woven throughout this newest Disney tale. All this while still managing to be a good old fashion love story, well thatís Disney for you.
Hereís the set-up, Cinderellaís sister nabs the fair godmothers wand. Of course the Stepmother gets a hold of it and reverses time. The glass slipper didnít fit, the prince doesnít know who Cinderella is and itís up to Cindy to right the wrong. Through resourcefulness and wit (with a song and dance thrown in here and there) Disney has created a Cinderella for the modern girl. But honestly, my favorite part was the prince. In the past Prince Charming has been a quiet character. This time around Disney not only gave a good old fashion jolt of the 21st century to Cinderella, but they gave out a good dose to the Prince as well. He is an active participant and a well-rounded guy. Hooray for the modern man.
This movie is a keeper. And with a release date of February 6th it makes the perfect Valentineís gift for the princess-in-training in your life. Forget the candy. Give a copy of Cinderella III and youíll all enjoy it againÖ.and againÖand (if your kid is anything like mine) again.
Want more? Grab some popcorn and check out the extended clips from Cinderella III here. Want a copy for yourself? Check out Amazon and save $10 off the list price.

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