It’s finally starting to feel like “fall” here in Philly, and earlier this week I took my kids to the mall to have their feet measured. Holy feet, Batman! My 4.5 year old has only grown a 1/2 shoe size in the last 6 months (is that normal?) whereas my toddler has gone up a full size since May! Anyway, I was glad to have them measured as I realized I had to start looking at getting them some closed toe shoes for the fall in their correct sizes.
I’m happy to report that I did order the right size of FREDRIKs from Vincent Shoes for my toddler to wear this fall. (I thought I was ordering “big!”) Been a fan of Vincent Shoes for awhile now and their fall line doesn’t disappoint.
And as usual, their girl shoes are just too adorable for this Mom of two boys to communicate. Zareen will be putting her toddler girl in the Astrids this season, making me green with envy.
Check them out. Don’t forget to visit their Closeout Cubby to see the sale items; and use coupon code MWS-SEP-08 for 20% off your order today, Friday September 12th through Tuesday, September 16th.

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