So last weekend I was up in New York City for BlogHer, which you guys have heard me talk about over the years. It’s an annual women’s blogging conference but really it ends up being a chance for me to see all of my amazing blogging friends and to catch up with the brands and see what’s new and what’s going to be hot on the market for the upcoming season.

One of the off-site events I attended for my second year was The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite, where bloggers get to check out the latest from tons of different toy companies.

For the second year running, I was wanting an Xbox30 w/Kinect. We love our Wii but as my kids get older, I see the appeal in the Xbox. Plus I really want to be able to play Dance Central so I can dance around like a fool when my kids are in school saw that they now offer Minecraft over the Xbox LIVE network and Nate (8’s) obsessed with the game so I’m sure he’d love to be able to do this on a live game system with friends.  (It’s the only game system that offers it!  Pretty cool!)

The folks from Xbox were actually there showcasing a Sesame Street Xbox game – great for the younger crowd. It seems like Xbox is definitely gaining speed on the young gamers market in a place that the Wii seemed to previously dominate.

Since I’m a Mom of two active boys, other items that caught my eye included many of the boy toys and action figures like:


The new Power Ranger Super Samurai toys.  These toys don’t get old in our house.


These new items from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I can only imagine what my kids would do with these nun-chucks and other weapons.)

Here I just got plain silly on a Y-Volution scooter (you propel it with your legs and never have to step on the ground – really cool!):


And then of course there’s the new product from HEXBUG – the Warriors.  You guys all remember the bugs from last year, right?  Those were HOT!  The Warriors just came out this week – they’re larger bugs and they come with a stadium they can battle in.  These are sure to be a top pick this holiday season!


Lastly, my kids were pretty much palpitating over these pictures of the new Skylanders Giants game.  It will come out in late October and I was happy to hear that Skylanders from the original game will work with this one.  The new game will have “Giants,” or larger Skylanders who you can purchase and use in the game.


There were dozens of other toys but those were just the ones that caught my eye.  I came home with plenty more though so I definitely have more exciting reviews soon to come!  It’s certainly going to be a fun holiday season this year!


  1. Omg book marking this. Might as well just hand all this to Santa… We r getting Xbox w jinect for them for Xmas. And they are huge into sky landers (even my 2yo)!!! Thnx for the bank breaking Christmas preview!!!! 😉

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