Friends of ours introduced us to the game Sequence. As we love to play games, hubby and I were instantly hooked.
We’ve enjoyed it so much, so when I was out recently, I picked up a copy of Sequence for Kids.
Amazon says the age range is 4-7, the box itself says ages 3-6. Either way, it’s a great game for the preschool crowd. I think what makes this really neat for my son is that he’s playing a game that Mom and Dad like to play — it makes him feel cool that he has his own version.
The object of the game is to get a sequence of 4 chips in a row based on the cards you have dealt. With the kids version, there’s no need to read, the cards are pictures of animals and you match your animal up to the same one on the board to place down your chip.
It’s definitely a fun family game. You can find it on Amazon for $14.99 with free shipping — or look in store. I’ve seen it at Walmart, Kmart and Target.


  1. This is a great game. We also just bought Candyland, which is an oldie but goodie. My kids love matching the colors. Thanks for the post as it reminds me that we need to do more family game nights.

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