familyTalk.jpgLately, at dinner, we have been going around the table telling each other about our day. My daughter always starts it but it usually doesn’t last very long and our conversations with each other start to dwindle. But, since we have started playing Family Talk at dinner, our conversations haven’t stopped!
Family Talk consists of a deck of 100 cards that are attached to a carabineer clip which means this game is not only good around the table, but great for travel as well. Think about the times when you have to wait at the doctor with your kids or when you’re stuck in traffic or are waiting for dinner at a restaurant or are on a long road trip! I know my daughter is constantly saying, “are we there yet?”, “how much longer do we have to wait?”, which especially drives me nuts!! Well this could be your answer to all of those frustrations when waiting and waiting and waiting. The game is easy to play. Simply pick a card, ask the question and let the fun begin! The game is recommended for ages 4+ and my 5 year old understood most of the questions, however, I did have to skip over a few.
Also available from Around The Table Games are Family Talk 2 and Grandparent Talk. Purchase one today! Use code MWSFMT for free shipping.

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