fancynancy.jpgIf your daughter loves Fancy Nancy books, then she will be thrilled to play the Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game! Each player receives a room board that has overlays which flip down to redecorate Fancy Nancy’s bedroom from plain to posh! Then, the player receives 4 cards that may consist of purple “Let’s Get Fancy!” cards, pink “Accessories!” cards or blue “Oops!” cards. You then decide which card you want to play. You must play the purple “Let’s Get Fancy” cards before you can start decorating. The pink “Accessories” cards allow you to roll the color die and decorate a section of your bedroom game board. The blue “Oops” cards stop your opponent from decorating her bedroom game board.
I read the directions to my 5 year old daughter and we began playing immediately – helping bring in Nancy’s fancy accessories to makeover her posh bedroom. My daughter was ecstatic that the directions state the youngest player goes first. We had fun playing together and somehow she won. I think she just got lucky. I’m not a sore loser or anything!!!
If your daughter enjoys reading Fancy Nancy books, then she will love this game. It makes a great gift for a birthday or for the holidays. It’s recommended for ages 5+ but my daughter has played with 4 year olds who have picked it right up! Purchase it today.

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