I can’t even remember the last time I put on a pair of pantyhose.  Even in the dead of winter, recent fashion has dictated that you are hose-free and freezing your little butt off in your evening gown and bare legs.

But a recent PR pitch from Hanes said that sheer hose are making a comeback by way of Kate Middleton.  You can see in the photos that she wears them a lot!  What do you think?  While it’s tough to put on a pair of hose in the middle of the summer (especially when it’s 105 degrees here in Philly today!), I do like the idea of sheer hose again in the wintertime when it’s cold out!

What do you think?  I’m sure Kate is probably wearing some couture, expensive pair of hose but you can get a pair of Hanes Control Top Silk Reflections Hose for $10.

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  1. Great minds think alike–I just wrote about the very same thing!

  2. april yedinak says

    I always hated panty hose! One of the few benefits to no longer being able to wear heels and short skirts is not feeling compelled to wear hose again.

  3. I’m so glad they’re back. I think they add polish and cover a multitude of sins. There are times when bare legs look appropriate but not at all times — not for business wear.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come back. I actually wore them this past winter with my fancy black cocktail dress to a couple of parties in the dead of winter. Sometimes they just make sense.

    According to my Neiman Marcus lookbook, the CHIC LADY is the trend for fall, and nude pantyhose fall right in line with this trend. It’s a bit retro, but very classy, and to go barelegged doesn’t quite seem right.

    I for one would be happy to see nude hose back in vogue. As I said, I have worn them even though I knew they were kind of a “fashion don’t” — or does this make me on the cutting edge of the trend?!!!!! LOL

    • I agree completely! I am wearing my nude, sheer pantyhose (Hanes) today to the office with a knee-length skirt. I never completely gave them up, but for several summers now I have felt uncomfortable with them and uncomfortable without them! I finally decided that I would do what pleases me! (I’m 61, but I’m told I look at least 10 years younger. I have very fair skin, and I do not tan.) Pantyhose make me look and feel elegant and dressed up! I wear capris and sandals for casual wear, and bare legs are fine – but not for skirts and the office!

      If women want to go bare-legged, that’s their choice. But don’t make those of us who wear pantyhose feel frumpy, old, and out of style!

  5. That’s exactly it JL, sometimes they just make sense. Esp with those close toed shoes at formal events in the winter.
    If anyone can turn them back around and get then fashionable again, Kate M is definiitely one to help – she definitely seems to be setting trends as she goes

  6. Glad to see it. It’s time for elegance again. Now if Kate can only bring back hats!!!

  7. Speaking as a guy, I love the face pantyhose are coming back. It completes the look ladies! We don’t want to see uneven tanner or oily legs like strippers. Pantyhose add an extra layer of elegance and it makes your legs look amazing. And for all of you women out there who “hate” them or won’t wear them “because they hurt so bad” when was the last time you actually tried them. Pantyhose come in many sizes and styles, if you would just take the time to find the one that fits, it may surprise you.

  8. This is just to prove my point even further. Click on the link. Kate wearing pantyhose on the left while Sarah Jessica Parker is sans pantyhose. Which one do you think looks better?


  9. Agree that pantyhose do most definitely add elegance and ‘finish’. Regarding Kate M vs Sarah Jessica: there really is no contest at all.
    Kate possesses finesse, aplomb and allure in manner as well as attire. Sarah, I am sure is a lovely person, however there is no question as to who defines and presents the elegant role best as outlined in the aforementioned categories. William’s bride wins.

  10. I’m not a fan of hose myself but I can see they would be useful during certain times of the year. Did you know she wears them because it’s protocol for Royals? I found that fascinating!

  11. Kelly – I did see that! But I really do think she’d probably wear them anyway even if it weren’t a royal thing. Just seems like the conservative thing to do.

  12. I saw that, too. I still hate wearing them. Guessing Tom probably has a GREAT recommendation on the brand that fits so well and is so comfortable, right? BUT they truly do look better, especially in winter.

    Still, you won’t see them on my legs this summer.

  13. I hope they don’t make a comeback. I never liked wearing them and was so happy when not wearing them became the norm.

  14. You are doing yourselves an injustice if you don’t wear them. Always, always, always your legs will look better. Look how long [we] spend putting on makeup, or doing our hair. It takes 1 minute to put them on, and the overall benefit is just huge!
    Another thing; I like to sometimes go barefoot around the office, particularly when in my cubicle. As I am wearing stockings, it isn’t really “barefoot” per se. I catch quite a few guys check out my feet…I catch some of them taking a really extended peek (I have what I think are cute feet, and I always do my nails red). It is funny how some men try to hide looking at them. Recently, a couple of other women started doing the same sometimes, especially for a quick trip to the printer, and nobody minded at all. I had been doing this for years. Then came the recently-hired 20 something barefoot woman from across the office, with no stockings at all. I know she had noticed me before, and probably thought it was OK. Out came a memo the next day telling us not to go barefoot anymore. Bummer! I had to get a pair of clogs for the quick trips through the office.
    I think my stockinged legs were the first attraction of my dear Tom-Tom. And I must say, it sure feels good when I get home and put my legs up on the sofa…because it is a given that I will get a foot or leg massage (he just can’t keep his hands off my legs sometimes). I love getting my legs and feet massaged in hose.
    Here’s the other thing – it is a lot easier to take them off (if not needed) and/or having them than not having them and looking tacky.

  15. Rachael S. says

    I had something of a bad exema week (and my legs of all places) the week before, and an unexpected blast of cold air in our area, and made the tough decision to wear sheer hose to a graduation party this past weekend. I must say, they seemed to fit a lot better than I remember (I hadn’t worn them in years) and they covered beter than I expected. I really didn’t want to feel self-conscious about the now healed splotches that remained on my calves. I might be a convert; the number of men looking at my legs (and all apparently with looks of approval) was staggering. At first, I was worried that the splotches on my legs were showing, or that I had a run or something, and after checking my outfit about a dozen times, and after chatting with my much-younger niece (who said that I looked just awesome, but didn’t know if she was referring to an old-lady of 34), I just accepted that they were simply checking out my legs!
    I will have to keep this in-mind during my newfound singleness. I think that sheer hose have been out of fashion so long that there must be a lot of men that miss the look. Perhaps a way to get a leg-up on the others?? Too bad the hot weather returned.

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  17. Of course pantyhose look elegant and stylish. Any professional, well heeled women would attest to that. I never knew they were out – as some contributors have mentioned, style is something that is self made. Not, something that you follow just because everyone else is doing it. If you want to look good, feel good and be professional – put on the hose. Beats bare legs hands down.

  18. Let’s face it ladies over 50… they make our legs look better (no sagging skin above the knee) and they are warmer for going out in winter — duh!

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