So technicaly this one isn’t a Fashion Friday for the ladies. Sorry for the little cheat today, but I was excited about this shopping haul I had for my kids at Walmart for some back to school clothes and had to share today! Basically I was given $75 to get a week’s worth of clothes at Walmart for one of my kids for back to school.

Seeing as my kids wear a uniform and there’s two of them, I went on a shopping trip to just get $75 worth of clothes for both of them for the evenings and weekends. Check out what I ended up with:


  1. My favorite ‘stoah’! . . :o). . . seriously, Walmart always has great stuff-in addition to clothing, all other departments great prices as well. . . . . and what’s not to like about their price matching program?!

  2. Great store!!! I average 30% savings on my grocery bills consistently. How can you beat that?
    And has anyone tried their steaks lately!!!

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