Happy Friday, readers!  I don’t know about where you live, but we’ve had some crazy weather here in Philadelphia this week.  In fact, over the course of the last seven days, I’ve pretty much seen it all.  We left Cincinnati on Sunday.  Our trip to Ohio was cold and rainy (and flooded). When we got home to Philly, it heated up and my kids have been in swim suits in the sprinkler.  I’m ready for some of this warm weather!  So in celebration of warmer weather and the impending summer, today’s Fashion Friday is all about Bathing Suits & Summer Beach Wear for you!

Athleta:  I’ll be ordering a suit from Athleta this summer, it’s just a matter of which one and when.  I’m obsessed with several of their styles and prints this season including this Banzai Pipeline Halter Tankini:

Banzai Pipeline Halter Tankini - $59 for the top, $44 for matching string bottom

Garnet Hill: And of course I always have to have a cover up when I’m at the beach. This Convertible Knit Cover-Up is $78 and can function as both a full dress cover-up or be converted into a casual knit skirt. Gotta love it.

Garnet Hill Convertable Knit Cover-Up, $78 at Garnet Hill

Victoria’s Secret: If I could actually wear a bikini in public without sending people screaming in horror, I consider a cute bikini like this Beach Sexy one from Victoria’s Secret:

This Boho Banded Halter Bikini is on sale - $24 for the top

J Crew:  I’m in love with this Escape Tunic for a beach cover up from J Crew.

Escape Tunic - Great cover up at $88 at J Crew

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  1. Love that bikini, too! I’ve been doing crunches almost daily for about 2 weeks. They are helping but I still need to lose some muffin-toppage! I like a halter top style bathing suit with a skirted bottom but I actually bought a bikini top last week to wear in the privacy of our back yard. Ha!

  2. Bathing suit season is here again? I swear every year I tell myself that I will have a reason NEXT year to be excited about this. Maybe next year?

  3. Jamie – you’re so cute, you could totally pull off that bikini! I swear, no matter how many crunches I do, I still have that little c-section pooch that isn’t going away! Only place I’ll probably wear a bikini is my back yard too!

  4. Thanks for the linky. I put the all things chic banner on Momtrends. Have a great weekend. And Iove Athleta swimwear!

  5. I told one of my friends that she could definitely get what she wanted when she shops online. They have a great variety and you cannot go wrong.

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