Photos won’t do these totally awesome “comfier than sandals” shoes by Sanuk.  We’re currently down at the beach and we’re admittedly moving in slo-mo mode meaning everything’s very casual and laid back.  When my brother in law came back from a trip to our favorite store for clothes (B&B Department Store) wearing a pair of these Sanuk shoes, I knew we needed to get a pair for hubby.

Something about these shoes shout preppy and “duuuuuuuuuude” to me at the same time.  And hubby and Nate are enthralled; they haven’t taken them off since we bought them several days ago, proclaiming these are the most comfortable pair of shoes they own.  (Nate has been opting to wear these over flip flops, if that tells you anything.)

Hubby’s wearing a pair of Hey Jute ($60) and Nate (age 7) is wearing the Standard Kids ($42).  Check ’em out.  They make stylin’ looking flip flops too.  You can buy on the website, on or

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  1. Boy, are they ‘spiffin’ on down or what?!!!!!

  2. I LOVE THOSE!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!

    (do you see all my capital letters? LOVE!)

  3. SUCH a cute pic. I saw those when we were in Miami Beach, but not at all at OBX. (Seems strange, when you think about it. So much more an OBX style than SB.)

    When do you come hooooooooommmmmeeee?

  4. Julie – this weekend! Boohoo! I could live here forever 🙁 And yeah they are so OBX style, surprised they weren’t there!

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