Last week, Zareen focused on the Techie Fashionista for our weekly Fashion Friday post.  It was timely as I was in Nashville for a fashion event and it’s been especially fresh on my mind, the idea of traveling with all of my media gear.

My friend Jo-Lynne and I spent much of the weekend talking about camera bags and finding that ultimate bag that works for the blogger and working Mom.  On this particular trip, I used my Jill-e Leather Camera Bag.  I wanted to bring my new Canon with extra zoom lens and I knew this Jill-e bag would keep my camera accessories protected, not to mention that it’s a totally trendy and cute bag. 

 I received numerous compliments on the bag while I was on my trip and I do love it.  I find it’s great because I can use it as a bag/purse when I’m on the road – carrying both my DSLR camera, plus all of the extras I may need like phone, wallet, lipstick and other small items.

You can get a Jill-e Camera Bag on Amazon for $119.95 with free shipping.

LowePro is known for making camera bags and while the bags I’ve seen of theirs have seemed a bit plain for my taste, this LowePro Red Bowler SLR Bag is at great price and eye-catching. 

Fits the camera with a few accessories but you’re going to need another purse or bag for your wallet and extra non-camera related items.

Get the LowePro Red Bowler SLR Camera Bag at Walmart for $39.84

I love the look of these Kelly Moore Bags; they don’t actually look like a traditional camera bag but just a normal everyday bag.  The Classic Bag is $199.99 and it really means business – it can carry the DSLR, up to 4 lenses (!), a flash and still has room for other items like your wallet, phone and keys.

Get the Kelly Moore Classic Camera Bag for $199.99

Last year, I reviewed Crumpler Bags.  Along with having some pretty awesome laptop bags, I remembered that they also manufactured camera bags and took a gander over at their website. 

Sure enough, just like their laptop bags, these bags are functional, efficient and sleek in design.  They clearly take camera bags seriously as they have designed everything with perfection down to the “most comfortable camera strap on the planet.”

On our last day in Nashville, I was remarking to Jo-Lynne that what I really wanted too was a bag that held both my laptop and my camera — for those big days out or those days when I’m traveling and want both within easy access.  So I was pleased to see that Crumpler offers combination bags with organized spots for your laptop and SLR.

Get a Crumbler Camera bag for $45 plus on

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  1. Love it! As you know, I got the same bag after lusting after yours all weekend. I do love it, but I so need a bag that holds both the camera and the laptop. I’m going to probably order myself an epiphanie Clover bag. 🙂

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