Dear Mother Nature,

I gotta tell you, I’m hurt.  You brought me nice 70 degree weather and the tease of one day of an actual t-shirt and wearing open toed shoes.  You gave me just that slight little hint of spring in the air, only to smash me down with rain and snow and your ice-cold heart.  What’s wrong with you?

We’re done.  I’m breaking up with you.  I laugh in your face and shop for warm-weather Easter dresses for me.  Talk to the hand.

I’m so bad-ass dissing Mother Nature, aren’t I.

Juicy Couture Jackson Dress - $198.00. How about wearing this with a thick brown belt? Cute.

Banana Republic Ruffle Wrap Dress is Plum Wine - $125

Mossimo Junior Cami Dress at Target - on sale for $16.00! Wear it with a cute cardigan to dress it up.

Paraiso Dress from Anthropologie - $148

Floral Printed Bolero Dress from Dress Barn - $69.99 for dress and cardy

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  1. Love the wrap dress! I’ve had a few harsh words for Spring myself this week. Must’ve worked because it is slowly warming back up here today!

  2. Love the last one!

  3. my first choice is the Anthropologie dress!just ‘plain pretty'(sounds like an oxymoron-LOL).
    and with regard to your breakup with Mom Nature- I agree with you, Whitney,- you just tell that Mother Nature, let her have it- she is oh so not nice, not nice at all. Buy those lovely Spring Dresses, wear them out and thumb your nose at the white stuff on the ground and the zero degree temps- just too bad about her. . . . .maybe, just maybe, she’ll take the hint. . . .

  4. There’s just nothing I don’t like about that Anthropologie dress. Such a pretty color, cut and style. The bow is a total bonus! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the tips!! I love the Target dress and you can’t beat the price!

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