I’m sure I won’t be the only one going green for this week’s Fashion Friday! But when in Rome, or Dublin, might as well join in and pour yourself a big pint of beer, right?

I love St. Patrick’s Day. My son is off to school with a big shamrock hat and beads today and I’m wearing a shamrock scarf today (I have a green dress to wear tomorrow!). Besides the fact that it’s the color for St. Patrick’s Day, green is a hot color this spring season! Here are some fun fashion picks in green for the upcoming spring season:

Green Ankle mid-rise jeans from UrbanOutfitters.com, $58.00. Free shipping on all orders over $50.

Nine West Women’s Bardough Wedge Sandal, $99.00 on Amazon

These green beads, the Green Malachite Graduated Necklace are $61.50 on ShopNBC.com.

Love this Silk Cascade Skirt in Green from Boden, normally $138 but on sale for $41

Man, I just love Etsy. How great is this Bridesmaids Custom Clutch in Lime Green. She’s selling it as a good bridesmaid gift but it’s just a good gift for anyone, right? $48 on MyCreativeThreads at Etsy.com


  1. Love all your picks. You have such great style!!! I am wearing green cropped jeans tomorrow!!!

  2. Those green wedges are amazing! I also love the green jeans, and almost bought some yesterday, but didn’t. Darn! What else would you pair them with?

    • I’d prob do cute tan wedges and a white top with the green jeans. I’m dying to get some – I just got some bright blue skinny jeans at Old Navy. Green jeans next!

      • Abbie Pomeroy says

        Old navy does have great jeans! I’m wearing the skinny sweatheart jean in grey. I swear by them. You have to look for the sweetheart that is made of 69% cotton, 30% polyester & 1% spandex. They do make the sweetheart in a 99% cotton: 1% combo that is not nearly as comfy. These bad boys feel like brushed denim. And feel/look like a much more expensive jean. Plus – they sit slightly above hip, right below belly button which means no plumber behind!

        Ps- Whit I looks your call on tan wedges with green jeans and a white top for St. P’s day. Perfect! Mommies with style is taking back holiday wear from the army of tacky sweaters and blinking plastic jewelry, one holiday at a time. 🙂

        • Abbie Pomeroy says

          PPS- another reason to buy the sweetheart jean = my normally sized 4/6 is a size 2. It’s very gratifying to see that numwhenever I slide into these jeans (despite my rational voice that tells me it’s just poor sizing. At least it’s done in the right direction. Hee hee.)

          • Ab, that’s just you and your skinny self. I got size 8s of the “super skinny” the other day and they barely fit. definitely not running small on me! And how do you even wear a size 2, are those like super cropped on you or what?

  3. I love the green necklace the best!! I can definitely see myself wearing that with some jeans, a green top and a black cardigan. Cute!!

  4. I like those green jeans you choose! Believe it or not, I have not a single piece of green clothing in my closet. Not one. Shameful, I know.

  5. Abbie Pomeroy says

    Love all of these… Especially the jeans and etsy bag. I love etsy.

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