It’s not a new fashion trend, but there seems to be a lot of talk about the Army jacket being bigger than ever this fall.  Just last week, my niece and I interviewed fashion experts Jorge Ramon and sisters Elle & Blair Fowler, and you can see on the video when Jorge pulls out an adorable Army jacket he uses an example for a  good staple piece for your fall wardrobe.

And since the video, I’ve been seeing the Military Jacket everywhere.  Thinking of getting one, too?  Check out these great options:

Aerie Soft Military Jacket – $59.50

Express Double Breasted Military Jacket – on sale for $47.70

Old Navy Women’s Flannel Lined Utility Jacket – $44.50

Target Mossimo Military Jacket – Forest Green – $27.99


  1. I like this trend! I like the last one, from Target the best. I have a couple that are similar but slightly more feminine that I got this year at LOFT. I bought two of the same style, one in khaki and one in army green 🙂

  2. I bought a cute one last year too – it was army style but a light blue, I totally want army green this year! My fav is the Aerie one but love them all

  3. I like these military jackets.These are so cool.I like the second one.Fall fashion trends 2010 the military jackets were in demand.

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