My new Athleta catalog came in the mail the other day.  I’ve been waiting patiently for their new fall items to come out and I’m was not disappointed.  I only discovered Athleta this past summer and I can’t tell you all how much I love their clothes.  I’m at the gym a lot and the workout clothes are great, but they also have fantabulous casual wear that’s good for day and evening.  (I wore the Nectar dress at BlogHer and probably another 5-6 times this summer. It’s my favorite piece.)

So here’s what I’m drooling over from the new catalog:

Hindsight Half Zip Top - $69

I totally want this top for running outside in the fall. Not only are the designs on the arms and back cute but they are reflective for early morning and late evening runs.

Pair with the Whirlwind Vest for added warmth

Cute, right? Pair with any of their long black pants and you’re set.

Then you can hop on over to their skirts and dresses and drool along side with me at the comfortable yet trendy items. I’ve got the Kimono Arigato Dress in my cart because like the Nectar dress I bought in June, it appears to be a dress up or down item. And you can bet it’s slimming as well.

Love the embellishment on the Vista Skirt - great fashion item for fall

My only complaint is that Athleta can be pricey, and unfortunately I never seem to see any coupon codes. But I’ve sucked up the price and ordered twice now and everything I’ve gotten from them has become a staple in my workout and regular wardrobe – which is worth the price.


  1. They are pricey, but well worth it, I’ve found. And they do have end of season sales. The skirt and swim shorts I bought a month ago are on sale now. DANG. 🙂

  2. I’m very tempted to order their catalog, but like everything I’m afraid it will only lead me to spend money when I really ought to be saving it 🙂 That skirt is adorable though 🙂

  3. That happened to me with my last order. Ah well – I figure, such is life. A skirt I bought is on sale now too but they don’t have my size left so I figure I wouldn’t have been able to get it had I not gotten it at full price. Gotta rationalize extra spending, right?

  4. They are grouped with Banana Republic and Gap. So if you, like me, love those stores too it is worth getting a Banana Republic card (esp if you know you will pay it off every time) and then will get free shipping and $10 off coupons and a coupon that you can use for 15% off at one time during the year…all of which can be used at Athleta, Bap, BR, Old Navy or their shoe store that I can not remember the name of.

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