With just a couple of weeks to go until Fourth of July (the summer is flying already!), it’s not too soon to look ahead towards the Fourth of July.  Here are some fun red, white and blue pieces to get you into the patriotic spirit for whatever fun event you have planned when you celebrate our nation’s independence:

Shabby Apple’s Overboard Dress ($95) is completely retro and fun.

Juicy Couture’s Square Silk Twill Scarf ($68) has all the red, white and blue you need in an accessory.

This Women’s Tiered Jersey Maxi Dress ($34.94) looks comfortable – pair with a denim jacket as the sun sets in time for the fireworks and you’ll have a fun look with all 3 colors

Fourth of July Love Pink Tee from Victoria’s Secret ($19.50)

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  1. Overboard dress is adorable and love that scarf!

  2. Good call on the scarf, it’s a subtle way to add in the stars and stripes without going overboard (like I tend to do) The Old Navy Maxi is really comfortable, I just tried it on in the store. The straps are a cute grosgrain ribbon. It’s really an orange rather than a red though, but the stripes are still fun for the 4th!

  3. Julia, haha is it orange? It looks red on my screen. I swear I’m color blind. All well, still fun!

  4. Cute, patriotic and fun pics! I was disappointed to find that ON didn’t have their flag shirts this year for all sizes. First year since having kids that we couldn’t outfit them in them.

  5. I am obsessed with that dress on that model! I have just furiously started scouting online to find it! I love the nautical look so much that I wish it was July 4th every day. To help keep my kids patriotic, I buy them a pair of American Flag printed novelty sunglasses , and I’m buying a pair of red wayfarers to complete my look above! Thanks for the inspiration, Whitney 🙂

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