It’s official – it’s summer!  I’m doing my little happy dance as we head down to the beach shortly fo the trip I look forward to every year.  And what does every girl need on the beach but a stylish beach tote of course? 

You can’t beat the price of this one:  $19.99 for this American Eagle Striped Beach Tote at

And if you want to go a little dangerous, tempt yourself by searching for “beach bag” on Etsy. It’s seriously tempting. You know you’ll be getting something that’s one-of-a-kind with you on the beach. There are some great looking bags on Etsy like this Coral & Starfish Burlap Tote  for $58:

And of course when I think “Beach Bag,” I will always think of, which makes what I consider to be the original beach bag. You can’t go wrong with any of their canvas totes. I’ve always felt the prices are great and these are classic bags that are timeless in their fashion.  You can get them in different sizes – I like this Open Top Colored Canvas Tote Bag which is currently on sale for $21.99 (plus use the coupon code below for an additional discount!)

By the way, is currently offering 25% off everything with: Promotion Code: SAVE25 PIN: 9226

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  1. the key to a beach tote is being machine washable – one year, i ended up with mold growing in mine!! EWWWWWWWWW!

  2. Good point, Mel! Definitely. All of mine are washable I think. I’ve been lucky and only had to toss one over the years. I have too many lol

  3. Searching beach tote on Etsy does take you to a lot of great stuff, I got a vintage Liz Clairborne one on there in like condition for this summerI love the AE one too! Seriously temped to check with my mall, esp. at that sale price!

  4. I love a versitile tote! These are so cute 🙂

  5. I’m a big fan of the Land’s End totes. Those have been our beach bags, diaper bags, library bags, farmer’s market bags… well, you get the point. Love ’em!

  6. Use my totes as tennis bags- and several MUST HAVE criteria: waterproof, roomy, and must be able to carry comfortably over the shoulder i.e. longer straps. However, in the looks department, so like the American Eagle you feature.. . and Land’s end products always great(not waterproof however, that i am aware of anyway ,for tennis). .however, Land’s End company always has great sales, QUALITY canvas, AND excellent service. . they will always replace products with new if original item purchased fades, tears,etc,etc. Good service hard to come by these days.

  7. great finds. I have way too many this year. was playing on ETSY the other night and DH told me to turn it off

  8. Love Etsy!

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