Last week, I was out shopping with my good friend Jen (and Mommies with Style writer!)  We were talking by one store when she remarked she had a $10 gift card from a few years ago that she wanted to go in and use.  I’m all, “I can’t believe you still have that gift card.  I always lose mine.”  She proceeded to show me her Card Cubby, a product that’s actually sold Debbie, by another Mommies with Style writer on her website, Shopaholics Shop.

Now I had seen the Card Cubby before online but never in person and you ladies have to believe me, you NEED this.  Because if you’re in any way like me, you may be carrying your coupons, gift cards and frequent buyer cards in something like this:


Total disaster, right?  And that’s just the ones I was organized enough to put into two Ziplock bags.  I also have gift cards randomly floating around in my wallet in various hidden pockets (and they inevitably sit there and NEVER get used because I forget about them!)

Now, all of my frequent buyer cards, business cards, coupons and gift cards that were totally disorganized in my purse are sitting inside of this, the Card Cubby:


I got it my Card Cubby in Lime Croc.  It’s alphabetized inside with tabs so you can easily find everything.


Here I am pulling out a Children’s Place gift card from the C tab:


This is truly a must-have.  It’s trendy looking, it keeps you organized and the price is right – $20.00.  Get the Card Cubby at Shopaholic’s Shop for $20.00 plus shipping (which is around $5).

Guys, this is an AWESOME and affordable gift to get her this holiday season!  Hurry and you can get it in time!


  1. Good storage solution. I wish I had that problem of too many gift cards!

    • haha Julia. Well I don’t normally have that many gift cards – what I have a lot of are coupons and frequent buyer cards too. This is good for all of those

  2. So glad I inspired you to organize! 🙂

  3. OMG!!! How Cute!! New subscriber:)

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