Kallie Kindle Clutch

I have so many accessories these days. It goes far beyond my bag and shoes. With all the technology I tote

Kayley Kindle Clutch

around on a regular basis it is nice to know that there are fashionable options out there to house them. So you never have to be style free.

Let me start with my two latest acquisitions. My Kindle and my iPad. My Kindle was a Christmas present and I tend to carry it around a lot. As soon as I got I downloaded books and looked immediately for a cute case. I am LOVING the cases by Diane Von Furstenberg.

I am a big fan of her clothing and have quite a few pieces. I love the gorgeous prints her for which many of her designs are known. The Kindle clutch is no exception. There are leather and canvas versions. My favorites are the Kallie Leather Clutch and the

Burberry iPad Case

Kayley Canvas Clutch at $69 and $88 respectively.

There are more and more iPad cases on the market everyday. Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Burberry have all come out with options, but they come at a higher price. I do love the Burberry offering but at $325, the SPI Inc Animal iPad case may be a better option. Still very cute it is right now on sale at Neiman Marcus for $87.90.

With the current cold cold weather, I am getting myself a pair of these Echo Touch Gloves. Not only are they warm and cute, the index and thumb have an “e-link fabric” on them that  allows you to still be able to use the touchscreen on

Novero Bluetooth Earpiece

your iPhone, iPad, and other touch sensitive devices. They retail for $30.

With more and more states adding the hands free

Plantronics Bluetooth Earpiece

law for mobile phones, some very cute earpiece options have been introduced to the market. The Novero Fashion Headsets showcase  bluetooth devices that look like pretty necklaces.

 They start at $259. The Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece featuring a filtered glass bead is a cute and more affordable option at $85.99.

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