20130308-072449.jpg Okay you got me, people. I have no Fashion Friday post because I’ve had another crazy week of multiple event planning. And, last night I hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show at my house with some of my good girlfriends and boy did we have fun!

So for today’s Fashion Friday, I’m sporting the “I ¬†need to crawl back into bed but I have kids to take care of, damnit” look.

Otherwise titled the “Crap, I gotta somehow get these kids to the bus stop” look.

Alternatively, “Hey, who drank all this wine?” look.

Pieces in this outfit include:

  • Random “hey look, I ran a 5k & I’m sooooo cool” t-shirt
  • Comfy yoga pants
  • Ugg boots

Whaddya think? ¬†I’m so trendy.

In other news, what should I get with my fun Stella & Dot credits?! So many fun options! Help me shop! (links through to Stella & Dot page of my good friend Jen who hosted my party last night)


  1. No gym today?
    Seriously, I went on the Stella and Dots web site…NICE jewelry!!! And reasonable as well!!!

  2. You should definitely get the Renegade cluster bracelet!!! They have it in eith gold or silver.

  3. my vote is the chimera bracelet. . .

  4. I looked again…the chimera bracelet is gorgeous. I also loved the zinnia bracelet.

  5. NOTHING wrong with Ugg boots! I wear them everyday, it’s my way of giving it to old man winter…I can wear them outside with no socks and not be cold!!! Move right into Ugg slippers when I get home……seems fashionable enough to me!

  6. So real. So cool. So trendy.



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