One of my favorite stores to shop for me in recent years is American Eagle. 1) I love that it’s affordable and 2) I love that it’s not one of the stores the circle of people I hang out with shop in. I know when I’m wearing something from American Eagle, I’m most likely going to be the only one in it.

Which brings me to this – is there a reason for that? Am I too old for American Eagle? Because recently I was in-store (y’all know I do like 99% of my shopping online) and I had to have at least 15 years on every other shopper in the store.

There’s definitely some clothes there that cater to the younger crowd but I’ll continue to shop there because I think there are some affordable & cute finds there! What do you think?

AE Chevron Sundress, normally $39.50, on sale for $19.99

AE Vintage Hoodie, normally $29.99, now $24.99

AE Chevron Maxi, normally $39.50, on sale for $34.50

AE Floral Cutout Leather Cuff, normally $19.99 on sale for $14.99

AE Polo, normally $24.50, now $14.99


  1. I don’t think stores are necessarily too young. I think it really depends on the piece and how it looks on you. Cute dresses!

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