This week, I received a copy of wear this, toss that!, a fashion & beauty tip book by fashion expert Amy Goodman.  The book is full of tons of style tips and is divided up into two sections:  fashion and beauty.

Much of the book is laid out page by page as “wear” and “toss”.  For example, I just opened up to the page “Wear – A top with billowing sleeves – comfortable yet defined” vs. “Toss – over-sized flannels, crinkled cottons” that create a sloppy and disheveled look.

The comparisons are complete with pictures and I’m enjoying the book more than I thought.  Some of the wear vs toss comparisons are pretty self explanatory (the trend being that things should be fitted and not over-sized) to some great detailed style tips that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Like here’s an obvious one, the fitted jacket vs the bulky wrinkled one:

But then I thought this one was pretty cool.  It talks about some current must have trends in belts like glitter belts, belts with grommets and western belts.  Belts to toss:  rainbow stripped ribbon belts, thickly braided belts and belts with huge bows:

And this, which shows a nice v-neck fitted dress.  The author shows how it looks nice with a bold necklace vs the visually detailed pattern dress on the right which is not only too visually impairing with all the patterns but not flattering and it’s sort of boring in its cut:

So I’m really enjoying this book.  As I’m definitely a visual person, I like the quick read this allows – I can flip from page to page getting some great current style ideas.  Definitely worthy of the coffee table or at least your nightstand.  Get wear this, toss that! on Amazon for $15.07 with free shipping.

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