Did I manage to get the old Nair song stuck in your head with my headline? I know it’s now stuck in mine! So today’s post is inspired by the short short trend. Because honestly, who the heck can wear and pull that off other than a 14 year old who is pre-puberty?

I was on OldNavy.com today and saw several adorable looking shorts that I wish they made longer. I mean really. How cute are these prints but who could wear these without some serious wedgie pain and cellulite hanging out?

Thankfully Old Navy makes some longer cut shorts like these Old Navy Women’s Cuffed Denim Bermudas $24.94 (Use coupon code ONSAVE20 at checkout)

I personally don’t wear shorts unless they are Bermuda length. I just don’t think they are flattering on women otherwise but there are plenty of non short-short options at other stores too like these Slick Rock Bermudas from Athleta for $59.00. Available in tons of great colors too!

So what about you? Do you wear short shorts? Longer shorts? What are you wearing this spring?


  1. Short-shorts: are you kidding me? I wish. But no, it would never be a reality in my world. I agree, for most of us, the longer ‘Bermuda’ length is the most complimentary length(and let’s not forget most comfortable!). . .Just so you know- now I am singing and will be all day ” who wears short-shorts”. . .LOL!

  2. That 80’s commercial song is going to be in my head all day now! LOL! I opt for the longer versions these days, running around after my little ones. I feel like I’m always bending over picking up after them so the short ones would not be good. Thanks for the coupon code!

  3. Who wears short shorts??? would love to BUT!!!!!! It’s bad enough appearing in public in a bathing suit!!!!!

  4. I skip shorts altogether and do cute patterned A line skirts instead. They are much more flattering!

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