Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?  It’s always fun to watch the celebrities for a night – from being entertained with lavish gowns to laughing at Billy Crystal who always delivers – the Oscars will be the talk online for days to come.

So what dress or look was your favorite?  Here were some of mine:

Penelope Cruz just looks other-worldly in this dress (Armani).  Like she’ll just float away she’s so beautiful.  Am I right?  Love the color and the classic off the shoulder look.  Her hair style was fabulous too – very old school.

Emma Stone in red (Giambattista Valli).  I saw a lot of people making fun of the bow on Twitter.  What do you guys think?  While I know I couldn’t pull off the bow, I think Emma can and I think she looked fabulous and elegant.

I heart Tina Fey.  No doubt about it, the woman makes the dress (Caroline Herrera) and not the other way around in this case.  She looks stunning in this strapless dress and I love the thin satin black belt that accentuates her waist and finishes the entire look of the dress.  I like too that while this is definitely an Oscar-worthy dress, it looks like something that any of us could wear to a black tie event.

I’d never consider wearing a white dress (Tom Ford) like this unless I had a serious tan but because she looks amazing in anything she wears, Gweneth Paltrow is elegant and beautiful in it.

Kelly Ripa in Lemon Chiffon.   (It looks white in this photo but I thought it looked more yellow on tv).  Kelly’s just one hot Mom – she’s thin, fit and would probably look good wrapped in a dish towel.  But of course she’s classy and isn’t in a dish towel and wore this fabulous gown (Caroline Herrera).

I’ve loved Michelle Williams since her Dawson’s Creek days.  She always looks great and last night was no exception.  She manages to do sexy and cute all in one look with this red gown (Louis Vutton).

So – what did you guys think?  Who looked the best?  Who looked the worst?


  1. My favorite is definitely Penelope’s blue gown. I love that color and kind of want the dress for myself! 😉

  2. I don’t watch the Oscars however I enjoyed your article and pics, and saw some on the news this am as well.
    My selection from your photos: Gwyneth definitely: stunning in her classic never out of style Greek Goddess like gown. . .
    another I liked was George Clooney’s date’s dress. . she is tall , thin, lovely and her gold gown made her look like the Oscar statue itself!
    Love Emma Stone’s raspberry red too.

  3. I actually really love Emma Stone’s big red bow! I think she looks fabulous. And some people weren’t loving Gwyneth’s cape, but I think it’s stunning and distinctive.

    • Krista – I agree! I saw ppl yesterday talking about not loving the cape but I think it’s very classy and conservative looking and that she looks beautiful in it!

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