11650687_10152897602827036_1346363057_n While I’m not Diabetic myself, I’ve had Diabetic friends and they definitely travel with all sorts of accessories. I had a friend who used to carry a big-ol ugly bag back in our 20s so it’s really awesome to see something like the Camino Clutch, a fashionable clutch designed for people with diabetes.

I just heard about it when I was out with some friends last weekend. I was sitting with the sister of a friend and she’s involved with the development. She showed me a picture later and I thought it was just so cute and stylish – even great for non-diabetics who want to use it simply as a clutch!

Here’s a bit about the inspiration from the Camino Clutch Kickstarter site:

Tired of your used diabetes supplies collecting in the bottoms of your purses, pockets, in the car, at your desk … in your HAIR?

Say hello to the Camino Clutch with “OH-WOW” Hidden Convenience. This smart, sleek clutch holds all of your glam stuff plus your diabetes essentials. With an exclusive, hidden round container … a convenient “trash stash” so you can discreetly dispose of used sharps and test strips in a sanitary, safe manner.


So yah, right now there’s not a website to order off of but you have to order directly off the Kickstarter page if you want it. If you click on Back This Project, you’ll see your options but if you want the bag, your cost is $100. It ships in November and you’ll not only receive the bag but your name will be listed as a supporter on the website of the designer, MonicaVesci.com.

Also from thewebsite, somedetails about suggestions in using in the Camino Clutch –

Carry the versatile Camino Clutch for your daily diabetes essentials:

  • Hidden, round sharps container
  • Insulin pens, needles, syringes
  • Lancing supplies
  • Test strips
  • Glucose meter
  • Extra batteries
  • CGM
  • Glucose tabs
  • Insulin pump supplies
  • Back-up insulin

And … these essential items:
Credit cards, cash, sunnies, iPhone, lip gloss


And if you aren’t ready for the clutch but want to support this project, you can donate as little as $1 on the Back This Project page.

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