babyhawkpic.jpgHave you ever tried a Mei Tai Carrier? They are surprisingly comfortable to wear! Because you wrap the straps around yourself each time you put them on, the fit is always perfect. It does not matter who wore it last or what you had on (thin tee, coat etc) when you wore it last. It’s a custom fit, every time.
Putting on a Mei Tai can be a little tricky at first but is one of those things that becomes second nature very quickly. The more you do it, the faster it gets and the more you realize the many benefits of this style of carrier that allows you to carry your child in multiple positions. This is a carrier that works from day one on into the toddler years, and allows you to carry baby in front, on the side and on your back. No matter the position, your carrier is always perfectly adjusted which is the ultimate key to a positive and comfortable babywearing experience.
BabyHawk carriers are my favorite Mei tai style carriers that I have ever tried because they are so exquisitely made. They have just the right amount of padding in just the right places. They are sturdy and beautifully sewn. As a picky person and former manufacturer, I am a stickler for stitching! These carriers could not be more meticulously crafted.
And then there are the fabrics…

uses gorgeous prints in their carriers, elevating babywearing accessories into the fashion realm. In this particular instance it is possible to both look and feel great at the same time.
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  1. I love my mei tai carrier! I will definitely check these out!

  2. alison jovanovic says

    I have a Baby Hawk and love it. I just purchased the hood insert.

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