Somewhere between crawling and walking, my 1 year old picked up a pair of shoes and started talking about them. “Sooooes” he said again and again, while trying to put them on his feet. In his every effort to be like his big brother, he’s constantly trying to wear big boy shoes. But with my insistance to let his feet grow naturally and healthily (yes, I’m creating a new word here), I’m sticking to soft-soled for a while.
Given his multiple choices, when Wesley wants to look like a big kid the choice is clear. He’s going for his Oh! Five Baby Sports. Just the cutest little, little kid shoes. SO flexible, yet their unique rubber dot soles allow for a non-slip gripper, as well as a little lift off the ground, making these shoes great early walkers for quick walks on the sidewalk or a playdate at the park.
Butter soft leather, with a plush, very padded, interior, Oh! Five Sports slip on so easily because of the velcro closure as well as the tongue that flips back, allowing them to “act” like big kid shoes–or even like Mommy’s Pumas (notice the resemblance?) And their other shoes are just as “real shoe” looking–check out the Baby Classics for a dress shoe like Daddy’s look.
Get the look, the comfort and the cuteness. Use code mommieswithstyle for 10% off. Shoes from Oh! Five are always shipped for free.
Note: I recommend ordering a size larger than usual. Sadly, Wesley’s days in Oh! Fives are numbered. I wish they made bigger sizes.

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