It’s such a thing, what to wear to BlogHer. Part of me thinks it’s silly – people get so worked up about what their attire will be.  But I also know that secretly I love it because it’s my excuse to take a few days to really look nice and also to shop for new clothes!

For this week’s Fashion Friday, I thought I’d highlight some of the items I wore at this year’s BlogHer in New York City. I should have made it a better point of taking photos but since it’s a mega-overwhelming weekend I’m surprised I even got ANY photos at all let alone ones with outfits.

So it’s a silly photo but it shows the whole dress.  I wore my Elizabeth McKay dress on Friday night and got TONS of compliments on it.  I love that it’s something different and it’s just so bright and fun!  The dress is available on the Elizabeth McKay website for $265 and the belt is from Anthropologie (on sale for $50)

I’m the second one from the left in this photo at an Avon brunch.  For the daytime on Friday, I opted for classic and simple with a H&M black pencil skirt ($24.95) and H&M white button down blouse (love H&M and you can’t beat the prices!).  And by the way, how stylish and cute are all of these ladies in these photos?


I’m second from the right here at Getting Gorgeous and I wore this outfit for the day and evening.  The blouse is a few years old from Anthropologie but the jeans are from the spring and they are these Joe’s Jeans Patch Pocket Jeans ($169.00, The one reviewer on the product page complains that they are not red but more of a pumpkin color.  They are definitely not red hot but I wouldn’t call them pumpkin either.  A bit of a faded red but whatever they are, I love them and people compliment me on them all the time!

I also am bummed I can’t find my outfit from Friday night.  I guess I didn’t get a good photo of it!  But my outfit Friday night can’t be recreated or linked to anyway – I found this amazing vintage shop at the shore this summer (School of Vintage) and bought a dress and belt, all for under $50!  Both items are from the ’70s era and after a quick snip of the shoulder pads, I ended up with this amazing teal dress and red belt that I’ve worn a few times now and everyone remarks on.  Gotta love the unique vintage finds! Next time I wear it, I will have to snap a photo for you guys!


  1. That green and white dress is the CUTEST! I love you in it. Thanks for rooming with me. xo

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