Man was I excited when I heard that they were opening an Athleta at the King of Prussia Mall, only a 15 minute drive from my house. I’ve been a huge Athleta fan for eons and the idea that I’d actually get to visit one of their stores in real life (rather than ordering online, as I’ve done for years) made me giddy! So when I got the invite to come to their opening night this past Tuesday night, I was all over it with my friend Julie who is also a fan.

The crowd was out of control – clearly I’m not the only one who loves Athleta! When I heard the line to try on clothes was over an hour, I just ended up buying a bunch of clothes and figured I’d try on at home and return that I didn’t want.

Well – I should have known! Everything I took home, I love! Several hundred dollars later, I have some amazing new pieces and no, they aren’t cheap but I’m such a fan as their clothes are durable and amazing looking!

I got some regular clothes too but I thought today I’d show you the two workout pieces I got as I wore them both this week!

Wednesday morning I went for a run and this is what I wore.  The top is actually also from Athleta but a few years back.  The pants are the new piece and I love them!  They are fitted right at the knee and were incredibly comfortable to run in.  Plus I LOVE the reflective action on the legs, you can never be too safe and it’s good to have some reflective pieces on if you are ever running at dawn or dusk!  These are the Reflective Relay Knickers ($74,


Thursday morning, I was headed off to my favorite class at my local gym, Boxing Bootcamp!  The new piece here is the bottom, the Space Contender Skort ($69, Big puffy heart of love for this one!  I definitely think it will be even better as a running skirt but it was fab in class and I just love the skort design.  Love that the shorts have a bit of a sticking material on them around the cuff – making them stay put, no chafing and no sliding up and down.

Here they are! (Sorry for the blurry pict!)



  1. Cute picks! I love the skirt best! I play tennis- so many days I spend in a tennis skirt! It’s nice that there are so many cute options out there- and not just for tennis!

  2. Stylin! you could be a cover girl for Athleta! I do love their apparel.

  3. Cute stuff! I love shopping for athletic wear!

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