Not even kidding, I’ve ranged anywhere from a B to an E in cup size in my life. No joke. (E was when I was a new Mom and breastfeeding, but still, big range, right?)

As women, we go through so many changes throughout our lives!  Cup size is one of them!  It’s important to get measured pretty regularly because your size can and will change often and having the right sized bra can be key for comfort!

Last weekend at Mom Mixer here in Philadelphia, I was remeasured by some fabulous reps from Barely There.  Barely There makes intimates products: bras, underwear and shapewear. Their focus is on comfort and tag-free, seam-free products.  Love!

I’ve been a Barely There blogger for awhile now and my favorite bra in the world is a Barely There bra.  It could go on and on but the bottom line is that these bras are simple in design and comfortable.  There’s no random hooks, tags or anything to get in your way.

So here I am getting sized last weekend:


My friend Dottie told me I looked a little scared in this photo.  LOL!  I probably am. I hate when I don’t have the right size bras in my drawers!


Turns out I was okay though!  In one of the few times in my life, I was told I’m actually the same size I thought I was. (I was sized about two years ago so apparently I haven’t changed since then!)

You can check out and buy Barely There at Right now, when you buy one bra, you can get one bra 50% off!

Lastly, be sure to join me and Colleen (@ClassyMommy) on Thursday, November 29th at 8 pm for a Twitter Party with Barely There! (@BarelyThr) Details to come!


  1. I have the hardest time finding good bras. In my size. Because it’s big! The best bras I got was when I was on What NOT to Wear and they did the custom fitting and such. I just keep buying exactly what they gave me!

    • How fun that you were on What NOT to Wear! I had a friend who went on that show. And I think if someone sized me and told me exactly what to wear and it worked, that’s all I’d be buying too!
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I was just sized recently and I was WAYYYY off. Great tips.


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