A couple of years ago, I had to do a review on what sunglasses frames are best for what face shape. I was amazed at how many different opinions there were on the subject!

The basics for frame shape were this:
Heart shaped face? Go oval or cat-eye shaped with your frame.

Round face? Big square frames, or oversized frames that draw away from the roundness.

Long face? Over-sized, round frames.

Square face? Go round, cat-eye or oval shaped.

So that’s a general guide, but my own opinion is that you have to consider your style, the style of the sunglasses and the bling or “extras” that may be on the frames. (A little bling or appropriately placed embellishments can draw some fun attention away from anything if you want it to!)

When I doubt, I always go with the over-sized Jackie-O style frames. I think they are timeless style wise and will look fab on just about anyone unless you have a particularly small face (in which case, go with a cute pair of cat-eye frames!)

What about you? What’s your sunglasses go-to or style when it comes to picking out a pair of the right shades?

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  1. I always default to the big, round Jackie O style, too! While that style is definitely my favorite, maybe it’s time for me to branch out and try a few other types. Maybe I’ll find a new favorite! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great tips. I still love the Jackie O style. They look good on so many facial shapes. Especially like the red one you pictured!!!

  3. My own doctor is on the VSP Vision Care network!!!

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