So I realized recently, there are only three types of shoes I like to shop for and wear this time of year:

1) heels (nothing makes a girl feel like a girl than a sexy pair of heels, right?)

2) boots (need I say more?)

3) running shoes/gym shoes.

So do you guys notice how my tidy little list of 3 types of shoes is seriously missing something?  Every day shoes are lacking.  It’s not that I don’t have them.  I do – but I don’t like the look of any of them.  Most days now (in the winter), I wear my UGGs (which go in the boots category) or I end up wearing my tall boots under my jeans even if they aren’t skinnies.  Because I just can’t stand the look of clogs/ankle shoes.  Why is that?  I’m not quite sure.


These are my fav pair of boots (Frye, Jane Snappy, on for $398)

I don’t have this problem in the spring as I love espadrilles, flip flops and tons of open toed shoes.  But in the wintertime?  Serious problems.

And I was inspired to write this post yesterday when I was running out the door and threw on an old pair of mules from a couple of seasons ago.  All day I walked around feeling clunky and unfashionable.

So today’s Fashion Friday?  I recommend nothing (other than my totally kick butt Frye boots, featured above.)  I’m asking you guys for help.  What shoes are you wearing these days?   I’m challenging you guys to help me find some shoes that aren’t one of the 3 types of shoes above… anyone?


  1. I have shoe problems in the winter too. I live in a frigid land with lots of nasty snow, so I can’t wear cute shoes and have warm, dry feet. Clearly you know what I’m talking about.

    I wear boots every single day. They are really the only “shoes” I have for winter. I own Dr. Marten Engineer Boots, one pair of flat brown boots from Target, and one pair of black tall boots with heels. That’s my winter “shoe” collection. Every year I set out to buy winter shoes and come home with nothing.

    I’m honestly thinking about Uggs, even though they are not my favorite look. I just want warm feet!

    Nice Frye boots.

  2. That is all I wear I do not have any other options boots it is!

  3. There’s nothing wrong with wearing boots all season. I’ve got a great pair of flat motorcycle boots I’ve been wearing almost everyday. I even had the nerve to wear them with my thrifted “Cosby” sweater and a pair of leggings. I looked and felt bad-ass in those suckers and they were comfortable and cute. Loving those Frye boots of yours! I’m visiting you from the fashion friday link-up. Hope you can stop by and check out my post for today :).

    • Thanks for the comment, Amiyrah – I’ll come visit! I’m kind of amazed at everyone saying how boots all winter are fine – apparently I’m not the only one who does it! Friends today were telling me they don’t do regular non-boot shoes too. Who knew?!

  4. I’ve been wearing a lot of ankle boots this winter. I have black and brown pairs with pointed toes, a black pair with leopard cuffs, grey wedge desert boots and tan suede wedges.

    Wow, didn’t realize I had so many until I listed them all out! But they’ve all been getting wear 🙂

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