When I first saw this product, I thought, why would someone need this?  You can get a GPS or use Mapquest.  But upon further investigation, I realized the use for Microsoft’s Streets & Trips software.  What I didn’t realize at first was that:

-it comes with a GPS locator, which is useful and can track your location (plugs into your computer via USB)
-the software calculates mileage, time & expenses before you get on the road
-helps you navigate with spoken street names and automatic re-routing for wrong turns

This is basically an affordable solution to a GPS device and is smarter than using Mapquest as you get the automatic re-routing feature on top of all the additional add-ons.  You can plan ahead by feeding the software with personalized information like:  how fast you drive and how often you like to stop.

Get it for $54.99 on Amazon.  It’s a cheap option compared to most GPS devices on the market, and would make a great Father’s Day Gift for the Consultant Dad who’s on the road a lot.  Or get it for that college graduate relative who is about to hit the road to travel the US – either way, it’s a neat gift for anyone who tends to get behind the wheel often.

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