Hunting. Fishing. Beer drinking. Camping. Tailgating. Picnicing.

Whatever kind of man your husband/dad is, there’s a good chance that he’s a fan of one of these activities. And what do all these activities have in common?

They all need a good cooler.

Normally, I wouldn’t think of showing my appreciation for my husband with a cooler. But YETI does not make your average cooler. These are super coolers. Coolers for men who like their beer ice-cold – 4 days into their camping trip. For men who are reeling in fish SO big, they need a large and secure place to hold their catch. Men who pack so much meat for an weekend camping trip, they need an entire cooler – a bear-proof cooler at that – dedicated to their red meat stash.  They need a YETI.

What sets a YETI cooler apart?

– roto-molded for a much higher resistance to impact and increased long-term durability

– twice the insulation of traditional coolers (3″ in the lid, 2″ in the walls)

– full frame sealing gasket

– heavy-duty, rubber T-latches that can withstand ….

– molded self-stopping lid hinge with a full-length aluminum rod that can’t hyper-extend

– certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) for bear-resistance. (Yep, they let wild grizzles go to town on these coolers. YETI – 1, bears – 0)

Refrigeration doesn’t really do it for me, but my husband’s eyes lit up when he saw this box arrive. “A YETI??” Giddy as a schoolboy, I tell you. We’ve taken it out for a few trial runs and I can tell you it is lightyears away from your average cooler. No wondering if the milk is going to make it through the camp trip. No more worrying about warm beer. It’s durable, rugged and most importantly, it effectively does the one job you’re buying it for.

The cooler pictured is from their Tundra series – the mid-sized Tundra 50 to be exact – but YETI offers over a dozen different sizes. They also offer the Tundra series in a variety of sports team colors and in a cool camo print.

This is the cooler that you’ll buy once and use for the rest of your life. This is a cooler that will make your man feel like a man – and might just stay cold enough for you to stash some ice cream on that next family camp trip.

Visit to see their entire collection and find a local retailer.


  1. Fathers will surely like this gifts if we give this to them. So sons and daughters out there, check this out!

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