Quick! Close your eyes and pull up a picture of your baby. Does an image come to mind? Good! Now find that image on your computer and send it over to Cykochik. Because Artist and Cykochik owner Nikki Duong will take your image, scan it on her computer, then use her superb art skills to conform your image into a hot bag–so the image will always be at hand.
Nikki takes the image and, with precision, cuts it into the vinyl of your bag, creating a silhouette of your favorite kiddo, dog, husband, family… you name it. The cuts are then hand-sewn back onto the tote. Rather than using appliqu├ęs, the cuts of the silhouette are actually a part of the original tote–every piece is of the same high-quality, leather-like vinyl. You’ll help Nikki select your bag colors and the lining.
Select from 2 tote-styles the 2006 or the 2003. Both include 2 interior pockets; the ’03 has a magnetic closure while the ’06 includes a zipper closure and 2 small side pockets.
Thinking Mothers Day already? We are! Hint Cykochik to your husband. Prices begin at $180 (for hand-made, hand-cut, hand-sewn work). Use promo code MWS-FreeS&H07 and recieve free shipping and handling on every order placed in 2007.


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